Frequently Asked Questions

How do we transfer large files back and forth?

I prefer for you to use the Upload box when you're checking out! If you have files that are too large to upload or need to share additional files, please send me the links to the additional files at

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

YES! I give you a full 3 days from delivery to request changes or FULL refund. I pride myself on delivering quality work on time, every time, and if you don't think I've lived up to that standard, then I expect to refund you your money.

Can I interview you before I hire you for my project?

Yes! I am available on Skype for a FREE no-obligation consultation call! Please schedule the call here:

What is the turnaround time for podcast production?

I guarantee to have the completed episode back to you within 3 business days! If I miss that deadline, (which I won't), the episode is FREE!

What are my payment options?

I use Paypal for processing orders so you can use any of the following credit cards or your Paypal account!