When it comes to planning for last minute travel, most people think of booking a hotel before booking a short-term rental via Airbnb or another platform. The founders at Overnight are looking to change that! This week Jasper talks with Overnight Co-Founders Asher Hunt and Diego Prats about their startup, which helps guests book last minute lodging and helps hosts fill gaps in their calendars. Although the company is currently promoting just four cities in the United States, they currently have hosts in over 110 countries! If you have an IOS device, download the app and check it out!

Some of the topics covered:  
  • What Overnight is trying to accomplish
    • Last minute bookings for short-term rentals
  • How Airbnb hosts can use Overnight to fill gaps in their calendar
    • Can sync Overnight calendar with Airbnb calendar
    • Better listing positions for host that sync with Airbnb calendar
  • You don’t have to be a host on Airbnb to join
  • How Overnight works for travelers
  • IOS ONLY app (for now)
  • Where the service is currently offered
  • Some special features offered by overnight
    • Host can “boost” their listing, sending it to the top of the list
    • Host can list in private mode.
    • How hosts get paid for bookings though Overnight
  • Special offer:
    • BOTH host and guest can use the code ‘GPFYP’ for a extra referral bonus
    • Listen for details
  • Why you should list your pad even if you don’t live in a promoted area
Resources mentioned:

Overnight IOS app

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