Silver Jump Start Package

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Silver Jump-Start Package

Live Online Setup Meeting via Skype for up to 2 hours
-Libsyn (or other media host) set up
-Wordpress or Feedburner RSS configuration
-Wordpress page/tab configuration
-iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play podcast submission

Up to 1 additional hour of Consulting
Podcast Cover Art Design (1400 x 1400 Pixels)
Intro/outro Post-Production

Please have the following ready/available before our call:
-Apple ID and Password- Needed to Submit a podcast to iTunes
-Google email and password- Needed to submit a podcast to Google Play
-Credit Card- Needed for Media Host signup
-Podcast Name
-Podcast Description
One MP3 audio file at least 5 minutes in length.
***The directories will not accept an empty feed! I recommend that we use your first episode for this but if it's not ready yet, any audio file you have the rights to will do!

The Silver Podcast Jump-Start Package Includes the following:

  • Live Meeting (using Skype or for up to 1 hour.
  • Libsyn (or other media host) set up
  • Wordpress or Feedburner RSS configuration
  • Itunes podcast submission
  • Stitcher podcast submission
  • Google Play podcast submission